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London Airport Taxi


There are several bigger and small airports in London. The biggest and bussiest airport is London Heathrow Airport- with massive five terminals, which is west of Big Ben and about 30 miles.

The next airport- Gatwick has two terminals and is located to the south on 6 o'clock and also about 30 miles from Westminster. third Airport is Stansted, then next airport woul be Luton both north of London Eye and used by the poorest of us. Then there is on business airport called City- located not far from The Canary Warf- also known as "City".

Naturally airports are not only hubs for peaple moving from place to place. We now go to the airport to meeet our long expected friends. Many airports have great restaurants and shopping malls where tourist can buy expensive branded whisky and cigars.

For those who travel on a long distance journeys and often there are showers at Heathrow Airport and Gatwick. These two airports have no train between them two and it takes ages to transfer from one to the other unles you have a london airport taxi booked in advance or are willing to spend 100 punds.

There are further two important airports: Stansted and Luton for poorer public who has no money to travel with normal airlines.